Saturday, January 12, 2013


This one goes out to all my pregnant friends. I hope your unborn baby is resting comfortably inside of your DEMONIC UTERUS.

Side note: 'Her story' is not to be confused with 'Herstory.' Herstory is history written from a feminist perspective, emphasizing the role of women, or told from a woman's point of view. After all, I just collectively called all uteri demonic. I just happen to find this topic particularly interesting. But I can promise, that this will be my first and last post about vagina.

Anyways, lets talk hysterectomies shall we?

The Greek word 'hystera' means womb or ovary BUT in the Victorian era, hysteria was considered a nervous condition for females, caused by their no-no parts. Symptoms included a slew of normal emotional and physical changes, including my favorite: a tendency to cause trouble. I was intent on bringing this disorder back in order to justify myself and everything I do, until I saw this:

These are women under hypnosis who suffer from hysteria. No thank you plz Regan MacNeil. To treat this disorder, various methods were used, most having to do with shoving something (up there), but a hysterectomy was done in order to eliminate hysteria.

In addition to hysteria, Plato compared a woman's uterus to a living creature that wanders throughout the body, ruining everything it its path. A stagnant uterus was also thought to turn venomous. Well, by all means then, give me a hysterectomy and rid me of this poisonous monster.

Turns out, this female hysteria was just another name for a personality disorder (not common just in women, but only chosen to be seen in women, because men can't get personality disorders). Right?

Unfortunately, dudes, the uterus is not the core of female insanity.

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