Friday, January 11, 2013

Oh My Squash!

Dried Squash Holds Headless King's Blood

I'm sorry, come again?
Dried Squash Holds Headless King's Blood

Ohhhhhhh, ok, I gotcha.

It was recently verified that a hollowed out squash contains DNA of the beheaded French King, Louis XVI. A squash? A calabash? A gourd? Yes. Yes. And I guess so. When Louis XVI was beheaded during the French Revolution a number of freaks observers dipped their handkerchiefs into the spilt blood. One participant in this oddity, Maximilien Bourdaloue, decided to put his hanky inside of a squash and then embellish it. Logical move...

"On January 21, Maximilien Bourdaloue dipped his handkerchief in the blood of Louis XVI after his decapitation." 

Interesting, however, I am severely disappointed in the lack of bedazzlement.

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