Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Prometheus: Movie vs. Titan

This movie came out over 7 months ago but because I just watched it, and with the amount of suckage it contained, I feel obligated to avenge the Prometheus.

Why didn't they just make a movie about the Prometheus and not about a spaceship named Prometheus? It would have been more entertaining, and the story is already there, no need to create a new, horrible one.

The Prometheus is a Greek Titan, credited with the creation of humans from clay. He is popularly known more for his theft of fire and bringing it to humans, an act that enabled progress and civilization. Zeus was pissed about the theft and sentenced Prometheus to be bound to a rock forever. Everyday an eagle, the symbol of Zeus, would fly to Prometheus and eat his liver, only to grow back and be eaten the next day. The rejuvenation of the liver raised questions about the ancient Greeks on whether they were aware of the liver's capacity for self repair.

Ouch.  Switching back to the movie (which btw contained octo-babies, killer starfish and albino giants), the Titan was given a quick shout-out by an old dude whose face was falling off for a reason I'm not sure why as he said, "Prometheus wanted to give manhood equal footing with the gods, for that he was cast from Olympus. The time has finally come for his return." Except, like the Titan Prometheus, this movie resulted in tragedy.

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