Friday, February 1, 2013

Stalingrad Making a Commieback


The city of Volgograd, Russia voted unanimously on Thursday to officially restore the Communist-era name, Stalingrad, for six days each year. Volgograd will be referred to as Stalingrad tomorrow to celebrate the 70th anniversary of a landmark victory over the Nazis in 1943, which was a turning point for Russia during World War II. Five other days that commemorate the Soviet Union's victory in the war will be done additionally.  

During Khrushchev's de-Stalinization reforms in the 1960's, Stalingrad was changed to Volgograd.

While Stalin is referred to as a mass murderer by most of the world, the decision for the name-change comes from a wave of patriotism and nostalgia for the Soviet Union in Russia. Stalin is still held in high regard for his role in winning the war. 

A poll conducted in 1998 showed 60% of the population believing that Stalin had a negative roll in the country. The same poll, conducted last year, dropped tremendously to only 22%. Ch-ch-ch-ch changes. Maybe because the older generation who was around for Stalin are dying off and the younger generation just thinks it's cool. (like me)

Although, the lawmaker says that it isn't to rehabilitate Stalin, but to commemorate the millions of Soviet veterans who fought at Stalingrad and put the city on the mark. The lawmaker says that it shouldn't be a big deal because after all, St. Petersburg is still preserved although Peter the Great was just as bad as Stalin.

How does a city pass a law to rename the city on select days then? Is the city just going to be referred to as 'Stalingrad' by the world that day? Well, the name is going to be used in official speeches and documents during tomorrow's celebrations, weather forecasters will call the city 'Stalingrad,' and timetables at the city's train stations will reflect the change as well. 

Other names that should revert back because they are just better:

Bohemia - now Czech Republic
Persia - now Iran
Constantinople - now Istanbul
Tenochtitlan - now Mexico City
Rat Portage - now Kenora, Ontario, Canada

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