Saturday, February 9, 2013

Two Princes Will Not Be Avenged (Yet)

You don't know where you're going unless you know where you've been. 

What insightful little words of wisdom these are regarding history. Except the Queen doesn't care. Nor do the ministers or Church of England when it comes to testing the ashes of the two princes that lie in Westminster Abbey.

The recent discovery of Richard III's skeleton has reopened the case of the two princes found in the Tower of London. Allegedly, according to his Tudor successors and Shakespeare, Richard killed his two nephews in the Tower of London during his bid for the throne.

Scientists are hoping to use carbon dating on the ashes of the two princes who were said to have been smuggled with a pillow. However, previous requests have been shut down as authorities say carbon dating will only establish the accuracy of the bones within plus or minus 50 years. It can not differentiate who the guilty party is, nor give the age of the children's deaths. It will only satisfy one area of curiosity without bringing the absolute truth.

The Queen, minister and home secretary are all in full agreement that the case should not be reopened. 

Reasons being:
  • It could lead to testing historical theories resulting in a number of royal disinterments.
  • What to do with the remains if the DNA tests were negative, potentially leaving the church with the dilemma of how to manage bogus bones.

The discovery of Richard III has not changed the abbey's position. They are content in believing what has held truth since the 17th century. "I do not believe we are in the business of satisfying curiosity, or of certifying that remains in the abbey tombs are what they are said to be," says the Dean of Westminster. Well. Fine. Then.

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