Thursday, February 21, 2013

Visit History: John F. Kennedy Museum

Sounds boring right? I was apprehensive about visiting this museum because a JFK/any presidential museum just sounds...'eh.' However, I am a fan of taking full advantage of my reciprocity with other museums and this was one yet explored. 

Upon entering, I was directed to a theatre that featured a 17 minute video (doable: not too long, not too short) which used vintage footage of JFK. He uses his own words to explain where he came from, what he stood for and gave an insight into his family, career and campaign trail.

Afterwards, I descended downstairs where the museum housed the artifacts. The layout was great. The museum was a series of rooms, all decorated accordingly to that period in JFK's life. The museum "offers visitors a "you are there" experience by using President Kennedy's own voice in self-guided exhibits. Visitors then follow the 1960 presidential election campaign and step back into the re-created world of the Kennedy Presidency and White House." Their website says it better than I can.

The campaign trail rooms were filled with propaganda posters, buttons, newspapers, etc. They were energetic and very red, white and bluish. As expected, I guess.

Various rooms were recreated throughout the museum, including many in the 'White House' section.

The 'White House' section included many of the Kennedy's personal items. Their numerous gifts received during the presidency, clothes, office supplies and JFK's personal collectibles are all displayed. He had an impressive collection of embellished whale teeth and historical artifacts. Give him anything related to history or the sea, and he was happy. We would have been buds, I'm sure.

A few of my favorite things in the museum, besides ALL OF IT, was a section of the Berlin Wall and a section from Jackie's old yearbook because it was hilarious.

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