Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Titanic II Coming to an Ocean Near You

Clive Palmer, Australian coal billionaire, gave a speech recently where he unveiled the details of a Titanic replica he's building in a Chinese shipyard. He began his speech with the following coo coo ca-choo statement:

"Why build the Titanic? Why go to the Moon? Why do the Yankees play the Red Sox? Why did Christopher Columbus discover the Americas? Because they could, and they can, and we can build the Titanic."

The Yankees vs. Red Sox comment is a little bit misplaced and weird. But it is coming from this guy:

“Titanic,” he says, “represents the spirit of man. The spirit of love. The hope that all men have for peace on earth in our time and goodwill to all men… The Titanic II will be a ship of peace… linking three continents, carrying the hopes and dreams of people everywhere, it represents the reconciliation of man, the hopes of many for a better life, and for a better future. That’s what the original Titanic was all about.”

Plans to launch Titanic II are set for 2016 with a voyage from Southampton to New York expected to take place the same year. The route, fashions, and menus will all be the same and Palmer has received offers of up to 1 million dollars to reserve a room.

This guy is stuck in the movie for sure, but I hope his heart goes on and on for this project because it will be pretty amazing to see.

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