Thursday, April 18, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombings, Three Days Later

I feel like I just want to continually add to this post, as my perception of the Boston Marathon bombings has been changing daily. I live right by Fenway Park, a fifteen minute walk from where the bombs went off. I had just got out of the baseball game, when my sister (who lives in Florida) texted me asking if I was alright. I had no idea that she was talking about bombs and neither did anyone else I was around. We didn't hear a thing.

I will say that the last few days have been surreal. This is my neighborhood. The victims are my neighbors. I have so much love for the victims. I've never met them, but I love them so much. The weight of the situation didn't hit me right away because I was preoccupied watching this mystery unfold over the television.

Now that the suspects are dead/captured I am reflecting on the gravity of these events. I feel like I was in survival mode. Instructed to stay inside for my own safety, looking over my shoulder, eyeing everyone on the streets as they were eyeing me. It was so tense. I still have not passed someone either on the streets or at work that is not talking about what happened. The fear is over and has allowed me to now focus on reality. And the reality is so shitty.

The morning President Obama came into town for the interfaith ceremony, I decided to walk the perimeter of the bombs as close as I could get and took the following pictures. I figured if the streets were safe enough for Obama, they were safe enough for me.

East side of Boylston St.

Trinity Church, south side of Boylston St.
West side of Boylston St.

West side of Boylston St

Wolf Blitzer, south side of Boylston St

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