Monday, April 29, 2013

History Channel's Vikings

Season one of the History Channel's Vikings wrapped last night. Just as things were getting really good it ended and a disheartening "Season two coming in 2014" appeared during the closing credits. That's 2014. That's just too far away. 

Compared to the little I know about the Vikings, I am content with the overall accuracy of the show. Odin, Thor, sacrifices, the sunstone, the pit of snakes, ravens, pillaging, dudes wearing eye makeup, relentlessness against Christianity, families struggling for survival.... Even if stories of the Vikings are myths the History Channel incorporated these into a show well.

Above all, this was a regular ole' TV show equipped with main characters, unrealistic situations, sex, violence, thickening plots, deceit, cheating, death and duals. There were likable characters, hateable characters, likable/hateable characters (Rollo) (I mean, in the beginning he was raping women and hitting on his sister-in-law and then he just stopped and was the underdog that everyone was rooting for) (am I the only one who noticed that?).

The Vikings were portrayed as a group of people in a somewhat realistic way and not the horn-wearing, mead-drinking, bearded barbarians that we all think they are.

Below are pictures of the historical figures and the characters who portrayed them.

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