Sunday, May 26, 2013

No Love for Richard III

After further study of King Richard III's grave discovered under a car park last year, researchers are now releasing their analysis of the grave itself. And it was not fit for a king. The casual nature of the burial suggests a lack of respect for Richard, but some say it could have been that the gravediggers were in a hurry.

The grave was too short, leaving Richard's head tilted forward and the unusual position of his hands suggest that they might have been tied. There was no sign of a shroud or coffin in Richard III's grave, judging by the loose position of the skeleton's limbs. The grave is irregularly shaped, with sloping sides, a sharp contrast to the neat rectangular graves otherwise found in the church.

Killed in 1485, the aftermath of Richard's death is chronicled in historical records. It is said that after he died at the Battle of Bosworth Field, his body was stripped and left on public display for three days. "The haste may partially be explained by the fact that Richard’s damaged body had already been on public display for several days in the height of summer, and was thus in poor condition," the researchers wrote.

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