Thursday, June 6, 2013

Chernobyl and Nessie

River Monsters had a two hour special on the Loch Ness Monster and although every Loch Ness documentary is exactly the same, I can't help but watch every Loch Ness documentary that's on TV.  Apart from the usual "what's that?! It's moving! oh, it's a log," and "this photo is all we have. oh, the photo is fake," and "the numerous tests done for the millionth time didn't find anything again for the millionth time," I did learn something new. There is a layer of radioactive sediment beneath the waters that is a result of radioactive fallout from the Chernobyl disaster.

The impact this had across Europe was pretty substantial. The plume from the fallout travelled to Poland, across the Baltic Sea in Sweden. It went southwards to Germany, up through France and reached the UK nearly a week after the accident. Rainfall in Britain brought down whatever was in the air.

Iodine-131 was detected in milk products but not at levels that would have triggered a ban on consumption. The most the UK was disrupted by Chernobyl was through its sheep. The soil and grasses would combine and recycle Caesium-137 that would then enter the food chain. Restrictions were placed on sheep farms. Mandatory radiation testing of sheep was only lifted in 2012. I digress, what I really want to get at is that Nessie could be a mutated swamp monster by now.

I found an article that explains the possible mutation of bottom-feeding fish and how they may have evolved into radically different species. Professor Theo Svenson, senior research fellow at the Institute for Practical Applied Genetic Research and Propagation said, “Our research has shown that the nature of Loch Ness plankton and bottom-feeders may be very different to the known species found elsewhere on our planet. This could be due to background radiation or other factors we do not yet fully understand. Certainly, traces of Chernobyl radiation and other unique gamma sources have been found in the sediment that lies at the loch’s bottom and this may have an effect upon the DNA structures of its largely captive fish and eel stocks." I think we need a new Loch Ness Monster documentary on probable mutations now.


  1. Where did the other radioactive later come from if one was from chernobyl whar caused the other one?

  2. Chernobyl is a tragedy, which is known all over the world. Nessie is unproven fact that serves as an attraction for visitors of Lake Loch Ness. I advise you to visit Chernobyl, it is safe, if you go there with the professionals They will tell you the whole truth about this disaster of global scale.

    1. I'm aware the Loch Ness Monster is an "unproven fact." This article was tongue-in-cheek. If you haven't read Svetlana Alexievich's 'Voices from Chernobyl', I urge you to check it out! It's an oral history of the events that you might find interesting.