Friday, July 19, 2013

Boston Strangler Has A Name

Enough of Jack the Ripper who gets all the street cred and may or may not even be real. Screw dat guy. The Boston strangler is the real deal. He killed 13 women, mostly by strangling them with their own tights. His reputation still lives on in Boston. Various ghost tours, murder-mystery tours and any other way Boston can cash in on the Strangler's infamy are in full force every summer. The Rolling Stones reference him in a song and Boston's theme song 'Dirty Water' mentions the Strangler as well.

He was as much of an enigma as Jack the Ripper at first. Who in the hell was killing all of these women? The slew of murders in 1962 took place around Boston's Back Bay neighborhood and there were no leads, no arrests, no nothin'. A few years later a man named Albert DeSalvo confessed to the murders while he was in prison for an unrelated case of sexual assault. He later recanted his statements to authorities and was never charged due to lack of forensic evidence.

DeSalvo was killed in prison in 1973 by another inmate, but authorities have believed for decades that he was the Boston Strangler. Inconsistencies in DeSalvo's statement when he identified as the killer have left many convinced that he was not responsible, including his own family.

BUT HOLY MOTHER OF BREAKTHROUGHS. The Strangler's last victim was 19 year old Mary Sullivan who was sexually assaulted and strangled. At the time, police collected biological samples that have been kept in storage for nearly five decades. This is the only DNA evidence from all the murders. Advancements in science have finally allowed this DNA to be tested. Analyzing DNA from DeSalvo's nephew, a close match was enough to persuade a judge to order DeSalvo's body to be exhumed earlier this month.

DeSalvo's bones and teeth were tested and the results which came in this morning prove that it is DeSalvo's DNA.

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