Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cursed Tablet Discovered in the City of David

Hocus Pocus just celebrated its 20th anniversary and the cast (the less famous ones) reunited at a Disney Fan Club meeting this past weekend. This has nothing to do with anything. The movie is just a classic. It's a classic now I guess, right? The 300 year old curse of the Sanderson sisters has nothing on the 1,700 year old cursed tablet that was just excavated from a collapsed Roman mansion in the City of David in Jerusalem. The mansion was destroyed by a series of earthquakes in 363 A.D. 

The tablet was more than likely written by a professional magician for a woman named Kyrilla who was in cahoots with a man named Iennys. Written in Greek, Kyrilla invokes six gods to cast a curse on him. She hurls everything she has at Iennys, referencing four religions. Of the six gods mentioned, four are Greek (Hecate, Hermes, Persephone and Pluto), one is Babylonian (Ereschigal), and one, Abrasax, is Gnostic/(Christian-ish). The word "laoth" is used, a word of Hebrew/Judaism origin that has a magical connotation.

The tablet is believed to have been commissioned for Kyrilla over a legal dispute between her and Iennys. The word "opposition" is used and the tablet is similar to other legal case tablets found in Cyprus. The tablet is believed to have been hidden in a room that Iennys lived in or frequented often in the mansion.

Some excerpts:
"I strike and strike down and nail down the tongue, the eyes, the wrath, the ire, the anger, the procrastination, the opposition of Iennys..." 
"...he in no way oppose, so that he say or perform nothing adverse to Kyrilla … but rather that Iennys, whom the womb bore, be subject to her…"
And Hocus Pocus reunion pics BECAUSE:

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