Monday, October 7, 2013

Diseases You're Glad You Missed

Today, 820 million people have roundworm and luckily, you can get rid of them with a pill. Here are a few ailments from back in the day that were not so forgiving:

Smallpox A virus that can be inhaled, smallpox starts multiplying in the lymph nodes. Symptoms include fever, muscle pain, headache, red lesions (lots) and rashes. Smallpox only had a fatality rate of 30% but hemorrhagic forms were usually fatal.

Sweating sickness Last seen in the sixteenth century, this speedy virus began with apprehension, followed by cold shivers, giddiness, headache, neck pain, exhaustion, sweating, headache, delirium, thirst, heart palpitation, collapse and death. Sweating sickness was blamed on poor sanitation which harbored the source of the infection.

Plague Infected fleas would pass on their bacteria to humans which spread in the lymph glands. Lesions would become swollen and painful and would develop into the dreaded buboes. A person would experience gangrene, chills, fever, muscle cramps, seizures, skin color changes, vomiting blood, decomposing skin (while still alive), coma and death.

Phthiriasis Having intestinal worms still was the worst to me. Anything having to do with organisms residing in my body I'm not so into. But Phthiriasis is not only ridiculous to spell and pronounce, it makes a roundworm infestation look like the common cold. Phthithitriasisrisis was a parasitic infection where mites would literally eat their victims alive. Doctors reported on cases that when a simple swell on the body was cut and further explored, insects would stream out.

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