Saturday, October 5, 2013

How to Keep a Vampire in the Ground

Vampirism has been around for millennia, and different cultures made sure their suspected vampires were extra secured in their graves when buried, preventing them from rising from the grave and vanting to suck your blood. A recent "vampire cemetery" was just discovered in Poland.

Different rituals were used in identifying the alleged blood suckers, including leading a boy through a graveyard on a horse. When the vampire-whisperer horsey balked at a grave, it was considered a vampire. Other clues to vampires were holes opening up over graves and "healthy" looking corpses.

Once identified, various methods were executed to ensure the vamp stayed exactly where it should. Securing the body was common, either by decapitating and placing the head away from the body or in a different location totally, weighing the body down by stones, tying the body down, a nail being drive through their temple, or rods being driven through their chests. Then there were more superstitious methods. Forcing a brick into a corpses mouth, pouring holy water over the body or placing garlic or lemon in the mouth.

And I tried finding pictures of "vampires nailed down" but this was the best the internet could come up with:

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