Sunday, October 6, 2013

Richard's Roundworms

Scoliosis, killed, dumped in a grave, lost for centuries, covered by a parking lot, now found to have intestines infested with worms. What's next for Richard III?

It was recently discovered that Richard had roundworms in his intestines. Worm eggs were found in soil samples from around his pelvis where his intestines would have been. If eggs are ingested by eating contaminated food, they hatch, then travel to the lungs and throat and back down to the small intestines. These suckers can grow a friggin foot long and hanging out in your intestines may only induce minimal discomfort. Symptoms range from intestinal blockage to stunted growth.

Although the worms live happily in the intestine, traumatic events such as a car crash can piss these guys off and they can pop out of people's noses and ears. WHAT. NO. NO. NO. *punches hole in stomach, removes small intestine, dies.

And a self-made guessing game:

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