Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Amelia? Part II

The 'Finding Amelia Earhart' story has so far, been my favorite story of the year. Mystery, death, treasure hunts, castaways, man-eating coconut crabs…I mean, hello?

Thankfully, TIGHAR (The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery) is planning on returning to the southwestern Pacific island of Nikumaroro for a 30 day expedition to investigate the last flight taken by Earhart in 1937. Submersibles will explore the ocean floor, a mile-long area down to a depth of more than 3000 feet, where scientists believe her plane is located. The expedition will also include the onshore area where TIGHAR believes Earhart became a castaway.

BUT this expedition isn't going to happen until August 2014. 

P.S. Some people believe if Amelia Earhart was a castaway, there wouldn't be any physical remains because the island's coconut crabs would have dismembered and carried off the bones. Coconut crabs do not get their name for their size comparison to coconuts, it's because they can friggin crush coconuts. This largest land-living arthropod can grow more than three feet from leg to leg.

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