Tuesday, November 19, 2013

John F. Kennedy, 50 Years Later

This Friday marks the 50th Anniversary of JFK's assassination in Dallas, TX. JFK has had a strange omnipresence in my life the last few years and you get to hear all about it.

1. I went on a trip to Dallas a few years ago and the only thing I remember (Dallas was boring, y'all) was a visit to the Sixth Floor Museum. A tour around the Texas School Depository brought you right next to the room where Lee Harvey Oswald opened fire on JFK. The window to the room is open, and has been almost ever since November 22nd 1963. I remember one person in my party getting into the conspiracy theory as he eyed the bullet trajectory seeing if it lined up between the window and the marks on the road below. Like, almost laying flat on the sidewalk to do so. And another person standing on the 'X' in the middle of the street ('X' marks the spot where JFK was when the fatal bullet hit him) with a big smile on her face wanting someone to take her picture. I mean, whyyyy? Show some R.E.S.P.E.C.T. In the surrounding streets there are a bunch of conspiracy theory vendors trying to make money off of the amateur videos they produced. They are going to be banking money this Friday.

2. The JFK Presidential Museum and Library was a few miles east of my apartment in Boston and is really really good.

3. The house JFK was born in was about a mile west of my apartment in Boston. (He surrounded me)

4. I now live in Newport, Rhode Island and I have escaped JFK right? NO. JFK and Jackie were married at St. Mary's Church, a ten minute walk from my house AND (#5.) my work has the original grandfather clock that stood behind Jackie when she threw her bouquet to her bridal party.

That is my walk down John F. Kennedy Lane in remembrance of the 50th anniversary of his death. I'm super sentimental. For normal/educational/emotional JFK recent stories, here are some I have compiled that I have come across the last few days:

The Other Victims of the JFK Assassination
A very interesting article from History.com shares three stories of other men injured on November 22nd as a result of JFK's assassination. Stories include the Texas governor who was in the vehicle with JFK, a police officer who attempted to apprehend Oswald, and a civilian. View the article here.

JFK: Final 100 Days
Another article from History.com, this article is a look back at JFK's final 3 months in office and his involvement with on-going Cold War tensions, U.S. in Vietnam, and the civil rights movement and how these issues may have unfolded differently if JFK was able to continue his presidency. View the article here.

Where were you when you heard JFK had been shot?
Not alive. For all you old people, PBS has put together a collection of memories from their readers. Share your own story in their 'Comments' section. View the article here.

'It would produce hysteria': Why Jackie Kennedy's blood-stained pink suit is being hidden from public view until 2103
MailOnline.com tells you what happened to Jackie's iconic pink suit. Spoiler: The pillbox hat was lost in the chaos. View the article here.

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