Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New York City's Vintage Douche

A 19th century pile of trash underneath New York City's City Hall in Manhattan was excavated back in 2010 and an unknown piece of waste was just identified. It's an ole fashioned douche y'all. Carved out of bone.

Image sourse:

The 200 year old douche was found among booze bottles, smoking pipes, fine pottery, and the bones of sheep, cows, fish, and turtles, suggesting that the trash was exclusively from a party. A fancy party because apparently turtles were considered a delicacy at the time. Also, the pile didn't have the characteristic layers that would build up over time if the trash pile was used consistently.

The pile of garbage dates between 1803 and 1815, around the time the City Hall was being built. Historic records show that there was a party when the cornerstone for City Hall was laid and another celebration when the building had its 1812 opening. I mean, I'm sorry this is hilarious. "200 Yr Old Artifacts found underneath NY City Hall: Bottles. Pipes. Pottery. Bones. Vaginal syringe for Douching."

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