Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Richard III's DNA Debacle

Richard III's DNA is set to be analyzed in order to determine his genetic make-up, including his hair and eye color. Richard will become only one of a small number of ancient individuals to have their genome sequenced. When Ötzi the Iceman's DNA was analyzed, scientists were able to conclude all sorts of nightmarish problems: teeth issues, high-carb diet, lactose intolerant, genetic markers associated with reduced fertility, atherosclerosis, and was found to be the earliest known human with Lyme Disease. It was already determined that Richard had roundworms and sclerosis, but now we will get a look further into his entire genetic code.

For more information on "sequencing the genome" while you patiently await the results, watch the video below, which is where I learned everything I know/care to ever know about DNA. Also, if Richard comes back with blue eyes and dark hair, he's a dead ringer for Lord Farquaad.

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