Saturday, March 8, 2014

Rocket Cats

Cover your ears crazy cat ladies, because shitz gon get real. New discoveries have been made from a 16th century war manual wherein it is suggested that explosives were strapped onto cats and birds with hopes that they would cross enemy lines and blow stuff up. YOU'VE CAT TO BE KITTEN ME RIGHT MEOW. Buch von den Probierten Künsten or Book of the Tested Arts was written by German artillery master, Franz Helm.

Helm cannot be credited with this innovative(?) feline warfare as using animals in this way has appeared throughout history. Other examples of rocket cats and birds are mentioned in a third century B.C. Sanskrit text, a Russian primary Chronicle, early Scandinavian sources, and an early modern history of Genghis Khan.

There is no proof that jet-pack-strapped cats were ever employed by Helm, his manual is believed to have been only an idea.

Image source: Fox News

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