Wednesday, May 28, 2014

British Pathé Partay

British Pathé recently uploaded their entire collection of videos on their YouTube channel in hopes of sharing their 80,000 videos with a broader audience, and/or make a little dough from a vlog. The treasure trove of high-resolution videos accumulate to more than 3,500 hours of footage. Established in 1910, the British Pathé is a collection of newsreels showcasing important historical and current events, culture, sports, and celebrity news from the late 1800s onwards. You can watch a 140 pound toddler use every ounce of effort he has to grab a chocolate bar, an 8'11" man, the British HMS Barnham sinking and exploding at the hands of a German torpedo, or Arnold Shwarzenegger winning the 1969 Mr. Universe. There's a lil' somethin' somethin' for everyone. My favorites (everyone dies):

Death Jump - Franz Reichert jumps off the Eiffel Tower
"On 4th February 1912, wearing a crazy homemade parachute contraption, Reichelt hovers on the brink for a while having doubts before suddenly jumping to his death. A crowd watches from below including most of the Parisien media. They then measure the depth of the hole made by the impact of his body." This is kind of hilarious horrible.

Emily Davison throws herself under the king's horse
Suffragette Emily Davison is seen throwing herself under the horse owned by King George V during the 1913 Derby Day. It is believed she intended to mainly cause a disturbance at the derby and not hurt herself in order to draw attention to the woman's suffrage movement. What about animal abuse you jerk lady? Emily died a few days later. Jockey and horse were fine.

Hindenburg Disaster Real Footage
"This original footage from the British Pathé archive shows impressive shots of the Hindenburg flying overhead, flying over its landing ground at Lakehurst, New Jersey, and then finally there is footage of the famous crash. 13 out of 36 passengers died, whilst 22 out of 61 crew members died, so many survived the disaster." 

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