Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sir Popeye, House of McInnis

Meet Popeye, the 4-month-old corgi that has been occupying 80% of my waking hours for the last month. He is also forcing me to be social when we go outside because anyone who has eyes wants to come up to him because he is the cutiest dewg. Many people we meet feel inclined to tell me that the Queen of England is a corgi-lover. Pssshhhh yeah, I've seen the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony. And I've had the Queen and corgi solar-powered statue combo for years.

Queen Elizabeth's corgi relationship began in her early childhood, when her father presented her the corgi, Dookie, on her 10th birthday. Today, Elizabeth has owned more than 30 corgis since becoming queen, and began breeding her own companions in the 1950s. The House of Windsor isn't the only dynasty occupying Buckingham Palace. Her corgi line descends from Susan, whom the Queen acquired on her 18th birthday.

Among a few of the corgis to have resided in Buckingham Palace throughout the years are Monty, Emma, Susan, Linnet, Willow, Holly, Jane, Crackers, Sugar (who made the cover of Australian Women's Weekly magazine in 1959), Whisky, Sherry, Heather, Tiny, Bushy, Foxy, Brush, and Pharos. The Queen sometimes strayed away from the corgi and had cocker spaniels Bisto, Oxo, Flash, Spick (questionable name) and Span, and dorgis (a dachshund/corgi fugly hybrid) Cider, Berry, Vulcan, and Candy. The royal corgis are known across the world and are portrayed alongside the Queen in statues, paintings, coins, etc.

The royal corgis are like any other dogs. They have a special diet designed by the Queen herself, and sleep in elevated wicker baskets in the Buckingham Palace "corgi room," a trend set by the Queen Mother. Mostly like other dogs. At Christmas the Queen fills stockings for the pets full of toys and treats, and when they go to doggie-heaven, they are buried with the epitaph "the faithful companion of the Queen" on their headstone. Mostly like other dogs.

Queen Elizabeth II with Dookie, 1933. Image source: Daily Mail

Queen Elizabeth II with Susan, 1953. Image source: Mirror

Corgis memorialized EVERYWHERE. Image sources: National Portrait Gallery, The Royal Windsor ForumCanterbury Heritage, WikipediaCoin Gallery

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