Monday, June 30, 2014

Disinformation Operation

A welcomed departure away from the "What Should Your Bar or Bat Mizvah's Entrance Song Be?" type-quizzes, Buzzfeed posted this quirky little video telling the story of a little known Allied disinformation operation against the Germans in 1943. They cram a whole lotta information in three minutes, so here is a breakdown of "The One WW2 Story They Don't Teach You In School" so that you may avoid watching this three times. It's about a corpse, so you know, it's interesting.

The British military hoped to attract Germany's attention elsewhere as plans to invade Sicily were in the works. Operation Mincemeat was developed as a scheme to make Germany shift their forces to Greece and Sardinia in order to open up Sicily's coast. The British military took the corpse of death-by-suicide man, dressed him as a soldier, and staged a plane crash off the coast of Spain. The "drowned" soldier, adorned with a fake picture of a fiancé, fake love letters, fake receipts, and most importantly fake Allied plans to invade Sardinia and Greece, washed ashore. The Germans took the bait, moved their forces elsewhere, and Sicily was ripe for the taking.

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