Wednesday, October 29, 2014

King Tut's 'Virtual Autopsy' is Visual Calamity

Remember when you didn't know what certain historical figures really looked like and were left to your imagination to visualize their physicality? Handsome dark-haired kings, rugged buff pioneers, beautiful mysterious assassins... Those were good times. Simpler times. Magical times. Time spent daydreaming of the physical makeup of people like Ötzi the Iceman and Richard III are a thing of the past, as we are now left with nightmare-inducing re-creations based on extracted DNA.

Image sources: History and Daily Mail

See what I mean?

In the latest physical ruination artistic rendering of an important historical figure, everyone's favorite boy king is front and center. Based on new CT scans and DNA analysis, the resulting image of the Egyptian King Tut is pretty gross.

Image source: Discovery

Really gross. Tut died 3,300 years ago at around the age of 19 and had a plethora of health issues including traces of malaria and a bone disorder which impeded walking. The recent testing also concludes that Tut had a club foot, an overbite, and "womanly" hips. This is what happens when your wife is your sister and your mother is your aunt.

The ailments that Tut suffered from are as numerous as the theories that surround his cause of death. Did he fall from a chariot? Was he murdered? Epilepsy? Sickle-cell anemia? Gynecomastia? Deadly leg infection? Death by hippo?

Who knows? All we know is that the king once synonymous with bling is now a fugly creature in a diaper in our collective memory.

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  1. I agree FULLY with everything you've said, and laughed! Lol I thought I was th only one disturbed by Tut's recreation... I know the guy couldn't help it, but it was so unexpected that it took me aback at first. Lol. Meanshilw, King Richard III is so handsome. So odd. Lol