Friday, November 7, 2014

HTHS Weekly: History from the Interweb #9

HTHS Weekly: History from the Interweb is a round-up of brand spankin' new history articles, selected by yours truly. Click on the link to be directed to the home site where you can read a professional being professional in their entirety.

Starvation never looked so good.

17 Times Tumblr Proved It Was The Best History Teacher at BuzzFeed
The best one: "Selfie culture seems so tame by comparison when you realize that not only did old timey rich people spend a fortune commissioning artists to paint flattering images of them, they spent many hours sitting for these portraits. Who's the 'me' generation now?"

Because that was their last name.

When a vampire hysteria gripped Exeter, Rhode Island in 1892, its residents exhumed the bodies of one family stricken by consumption and tore the heart out of the corpse of one teenaged girl suspected of being undead. Today, her gravestone remains in the Chestnut Hill Cemetery. I know what I'm doing this weekend. (going there)

In 1954, inspired by the re-released “King Kong” and other Hollywood hits of the early 1950s, film producer Tomoyuki Tanaka decided the time was right for Japan’s first monster movie. The monster’s name? “Gojira,” a combination of “gorilla” and “kujira,” the Japanese word for whale. Or, as it was later translated into English, go go Godzilla.

A very short history of bonfire night at History Extra
No one was more delighted by the foiling of the Gunpowder Plot than James VI and I, who had narrowly avoided becoming the first king to sit on a rocket-propelled throne. So he allowed bonfires to be lit to celebrate, to remember remember the 5th of November.

'Demon Traps' Found in 17th-Century English House at Discovery
English archaeologists have discovered seventeenth century “demon traps” under the floorboards of one of Britain’s most important historic houses. The witch marks were carved to ward off evil and prevent demonic possession in the period of superstition and paranoia that gripped England after the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605.

30 Pieces Of The Berlin Wall Spread Out All Over The World at BuzzFeed
There is also one at the JFK Presidential Library in Boston, which didn't make this list. But I know it's there, so I'm making sure you know too.

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