Wednesday, December 31, 2014

HTHS: 2014 Retrospective

It's that time of the year again. This year, the number of HTHS visitors has more than tripled and I am just happy about that, ok? With the new year, look forward to some new and exciting stuff. I don't have anything in the works, but I'm sure I'll think of something. Also, that just sounds like something I should say. Here are HistoryThruHerStory's 2014 Superlatives: a look back at this year's major historical happenings. Happy New Year.

Best Story: Richard III
Image source:

How the guy died, what he looked like, where he should be buried, and is he even really Richard III? This guy was as controversial as it gets this year.

Least Surprising Story: Amelia Earhart not found AGAIN
Image source: Biography

Investigation is scheduled to resume at the supposed location of her 1937 crash in June.

Best Nickname: Jock the Cat
Image sources: Telegraph and Taylor Young Photography

Winston Churchill was gifted a marmalade cat on his 88th birthday in 1962 and fell in lurv. He named the cat after the gift giver's nickname, "Jock." Churchill loved his little feline friend so much, he requested that after his death there would always be a marmalade cat named "Jock" at his home at Chartwell in Kent. There have been stranger dying wishes, right?

Most Unique: King Tut
Image source: Discovery

This is what happens when your wife is your sister and your mother is your aunt.

Most Changed Since Freshman Year: Michelangelo's David
Image source: Tuscany Arts

David isn't as strong as he used to be. Earlier this year, experts found the statue David at risk of crumbling down under its own weight because of tiny fractures in the ankles. Recently, tremors have been rattling Florence, raising more concerns over the safety of Michelangelo’s statue. 

Class *Evil* Clown: Toddler Mummy

Most Hopeful 2015 Discovery: Santa Maria
Image source: CNN Newday Blogs

Barry Clifford thought he had discovered the final resting place of Christopher Colombus' ill-fated ship in 2014, but analysis of the shipwreck proved otherwise. Now with more funding, the underwater archaeological explorer is even more determined to  locate the real Santa Maria.

Best Discovery: Time capsule hidden by Adams and Revere
Image source: USA Today

A time capsule dating back to 1795 has been recovered in Boston's Old Statehouse. It was originally placed by Revolutionary War figures Samuel Adams and Paul Revere and is currently undergoing X-rays at the Museum of Fine Arts.

Most Talented: Ms. Marvel
Image source: The Nerds of Color

Marvel Comics celebrated its 75th anniversary this year with the release of Ms. Marvel, their newest super-heroine series. You can read all about my comic-newb take on Ms. Marvel here.

Most School Spirited: Russian tourist who defaced Rome's Colosseum
Image source: Wanted in Rome

Give me a K! A 42-year-old Russian man was caught carving a foot-long 'K' into the side of the 2,000-year-old amphitheater.

Cutest Couple: George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin
Image source: ABC News

Because they are both annoyingly passionate about the Elgin Marbles being returned to Greece.

Best Looking: Popeye
Popeye is eligible for this list because he was featured in a lil ditty about Queen Elizabeth's corgi obsession. Yes, I still get told that Popeye is "the Queen's dog" nearly every time I take him out. Yes, I still am really fucking annoyed by that.

Best Dressed: Elizabeth I
Image source: BBC

In a poll conducted by History Extra, 45 percent of respondents nominated the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn as the top queen. She so fancy.

Best Smile: John Malkovich as the Joker
Image source: Lost at E Minor

John Malkovich recreated many famous portraits from history with his renowned photographer buddy, Sandro Miller.

Best History Movie: Fury
Image source: Daily Mail

Worst History Movie: Monuments Men
Image sources: Midnight Review and Jen Talks Too Much

I like, really hated this movie.