Friday, January 9, 2015

Boston's Old State House Box o' Goodies

The mysterious box buried within the walls of Boston's Old State House was opened this week by Museum of Fine Arts conservators and the MFA did what any other important institution does nowadays, they live tweeted the event. 

The time capsule dates back to 1795, a time when Revolutionary figures like Sam Adams and Paul Revere were prominent members of the community. Found in a granite cornerstone of the Massachusetts State House, the box was accidentally unearthed in 1855 while building modifications were underway. The contents (originally wrapped in cowhide) were transferred to a brass box for protection and soon reburied. Due to a current water filtration project at the State House, the box was once again removed for its protection but this time examined by conservators. The contents will be displayed at the MFA and later returned to the Old State House.

Here are the tweets by the MFA during the revealing of the contents:

Me either Malcolm. I <3 you

Shameless plug


The half visible painting of Washington (hanging on the right) has the biggest moose knuckles you'll ever see. I'm also a very mature 29-year-old.

Where did you find this lady?

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