Saturday, January 24, 2015

King Tut Loses His Perfectly Braided Beard

The world-renowned funerary mask of King Tut has been irreparably damaged after it lost its beard while on display at Cairo's Egyptian Museum. The 3,300-year-old mask wasn't destroyed by a vandal or clumsy museum visitor, but one of the museum's own curators. Ya know, one of those college-degree-wielding professionals who are trained to handle artifacts?

Image source: Tumblr

There are conflicting testimonies from museum employees as to what exactly happened to the "most famous archaeological relic in the world." One person said the beard just fell off. One person said it was knocked off while dusting. Who the fuck is dusting, the Hulk? After beard left face, the director of the museum wanted its moneymaker back on the floor and ordered immediate repairs. Staff epoxy-glued the beard back on which left the mask irreversibly damaged. Once glued, a conservator realized 'hey, maybe that idea wasn't so great,' grabbed a spatula, and proceeded to scrape the glue off, leaving permanent scratches on the mask's surface. The final damage: a gap between the beard and face, scratches, and a visible layer of transparent yellow glue.

What kind of a ship are you running over there Cairo?

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