Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Well Look What Decided To Show Up...

Eight months after ordering, after being told delivery was ahead of schedule, after being told it was behind schedule, after receiving a notice to expect it in January or February, after waving goodbye to January and February, after being told to expect it in March, after waving goodbye to March, after being notified that I was one of the last 5% of people to receive their poppy, I received the goddamn poppy.

Here's a look at my handmade ceramic poppy that is one of 888,246. The poppy was part of an art installation at the Tower of London this past summer, commemorating the 100th anniversary of World War I. To read about the installation, please check out the previous article, World War I Commemorations Pop(py) Off. Because I love puns.

Please don't be brokenpleasedontbebrokenpleasedontbebrokenpleasedontbebrokenpleasedontbebrokenpleasedontbebroke

Not broken.

Huge flower or tiny hand?

You'll never know.

I was going to say something about "perfect imperfections" here, but it made me think of that John Legend song so I'll skip that and just say how much I really. hate. that. song.

The package comes with a booklet describing the process of creating the art installation, the pomp and circumstance surrounding it, and the various veteran charities each poppy purchase supported. Buy stuff for your selfish self=give back to the community. Now that's my kind of charity.

Also included, a certificate for you to...do something with.

I don't know, this looks complicated.

Well if that's not just the purdiest inside of a box I ever did done seen. And directions so you can figure out those six pieces.

Little rubber doodads that hold the ceramic poppy onto the stem.

I'm sorry, did I say 'stem'? I meant lethal metal dagger. This baby is the real deal. Being exposed to the London elements for months is apparent. Wear gloves unless you want orange fingers and a tetanus shot.


  1. hey! Big fan of your site. How much did the poppy set you back. The fans are dying to know.

    1. The price of one poppy was £25. After shipping costs, it came to about $75. It's steep, but I'm not the only one who shelled out that kind of dough. All 888,246 poppies sold like hot cakes.