Monday, August 10, 2015

Why VJ Day is Stupid

Today went a little like this:

Friend: "Blahblahblah because of the holiday today."
Me: "What holiday?"
Friend: "VJ Day."
Me: "Tha fuck is that?"

The reason I have never heard of this "VJ Day" is because Rhode Island, where I currently reside, is the only state to still observe this holiday. If you are also asking "tha fuck is that?," VJ Day is the shortened version of 'Victory over Japan Day'. Ya know, the anniversary of the day Japan surrendered to end World War II? Ya know, as a result of this:

Image source: Wikipedia

Image source: Daily Mail
Image source: Daily Mail
Image source: Daily Mail
Rhode Island wants to be different somehow, anyhow, and rages against its obscurity by being the only state since 19goddamn75 to celebrate Victory over Japan Day (officially named Victory Day here in Rhode Island, so that it doesn't sound all that bad). Held annually every second Monday in August, this is an official state holiday. Banks are closed. Trash pickup is pushed back one day. And I didn't get my damn mail. The only reason I could find as to why Rhode Island still celebrates this is to pay "tribute to the disproportionate number of sailors it sent and lost in the Pacific front." Of the 100,000 WWII soldiers from RI, 10,000 were killed.

So the thing is, at least 129,000 people were killed during the atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the few days leading up to Japan's surrender. Not 129,000 soldiers. 129,000 men, women, children, unborn children, grandparents, and probably puppies. Those in the area that didn't die immediately more than likely suffered from some form of radiation poisoning.

While Rhode Island observes Victory over Japan Day, the people of Japan are mourning and reflecting on the bombs that leveled their cities, destroyed their homes, and killed their families 70 years ago.

Rhode Island, stop being so gross. We have Memorial Day. We have Veterans Day. We are not disrespecting veterans or those who died for our country by abolishing this "holiday." Seriously, just think about it.

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