Sunday, November 29, 2015

HTHS Weekly: History from the Interweb #56

HTHS Weekly: History from the Interweb is a round-up of brand spankin' new history articles, selected by yours truly. Click on the link to be directed to the home site where you can read a professional being professional in their entirety.

There is a 90 percent chance the tomb of King Tutankhamun contains a hidden chamber, Egypt’s antiquities minister said on Saturday at the end of a three-day probe in the boy king’s burial.

More than a half-century before the Pilgrims broke bread with the Wampanoags, Spanish colonists landing in St. Augustine, Florida, feasted with indigenous Timucua tribesmen in what some historians contend was America’s first Thanksgiving.

A four-year study has dramatically rewritten the history of Glastonbury Abbey, said to be the burial place of the legendary King Arthur and the site of the earliest Christian church in Britain.

Archaeologists are making finds in the Minute Man National Historical Park that could lead to a new understanding of one of the first battles of the American Revolution.

Over the past few days, presidential hopefuls Donald Trump and Ben Carson have both claimed that they witnessed American Muslims cheering in New Jersey during the September 11 terrorist attacks.

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