Sunday, December 6, 2015

HTHS Weekly: History from the Interweb #57

HTHS Weekly: History from the Interweb is a round-up of brand spankin' new history articles, selected by yours truly. Click on the link to be directed to the home site where you can read a professional being professional in their entirety.

wut. The Statue of Liberty, a symbol of democracy and freedom that has greeted countless immigrants to US shores, was inspired by a project representing an Arab woman guarding the Suez Canal, researchers said.

Erosion of an ancient coastal burial ground near Cedar Key led archaeologists to excavate the graves and move the human remains before they were lost. However, it was discovered that the 32 graves had been moved to that location long ago from somewhere else.

Intact, Packed Etruscan Tomb Found at Discovery
An intact Etruscan tomb, complete with sarcophagi, a full array of grave goods and a mysterious marble head, has has been brought to light in the Umbria region of Italy, in what promises to be one of the most important archaeological findings in recent history. Much of what we know about them comes from their cemeteries. Only the richly decorated tombs they left behind have provided clues to fully reconstruct their history.

Mexico Experts: Passageway May Lead to Aztec Ruler at ABC News
At Mexico City's Templo Mayor ruin complex, an archaeologist said his team has found a tunnel-like passageway that apparently leads to two sealed chambers, the latest chapter in the search for the as-yet undiscovered tomb of an Aztec ruler.

Wimpering students need to grow up or get out of university at Telegraph
An opinion piece. A little anti-American but whatevskis. "A university should be a “safe space” – for free speech, for challenging dogmas and assumptions, for putting forward innovative ideas, for robust debate, for discovery, for intellectual courage. It should not be a safe space for preserving the timidities and assurances of pre-university childhood and adolescence."

Sunken treasures from ancient Egypt heading to British Museum at The Guardian
More than 200 spectacular ancient Egyptian treasures buried beneath the Mediterranean seabed for more than 1,000 years are to travel to the British Museum for a blockbuster exhibition in 2016.

Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' Goes on Sale in Germany at Discovery
For the first time since World War II, Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” will be printed in Germany in January as an annotated edition, the institute publishing it said Tuesday. The autobiographical text will return to the public domain at the start of the year and hit bookshops between January 8 and 11.

Retelling an ugly part of Boston’s history has been Beverly Morgan-Welch’s mission. The Museum of African American History is honoring her this weekend before she leaves the city. Morgan-Welch spent 16 years as the director of the museum.

10 Krampus Christmas Cards For The 21st Century at BuzzFeed
There's a Krampus movie coming out so...

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