Sunday, January 31, 2016

HTHS Weekly: History from the Interweb #64

HTHS Weekly: History from the Interweb is a round-up of brand spankin' new history articles, selected by yours truly. Click on the link to be directed to the home site where you can read a professional being professional in their entirety.

"I think that was one of the mistakes that God made," Ebeling says softly. "He shouldn't have picked me for the job. But next time I talk to him, I'm gonna ask him, 'Why me. You picked a loser.' " ohmygod stahp

Why "White History Month" is a Good Idea at Bitch Media
Students and staff at a Portland college are organizing a month-long “Whiteness History Month” in April. Whiteness History Month, unlike heritage months like Black History Month, is not a celebration of white history. Instead, it’s a month-long project that aims to “challenge the master narrative of race and racism through an exploration of the social construction of whiteness.”

Egyptian media say prosecutors have referred eight museum employees for trial over the botched reattachment of the beard on the burial mask of the pharaoh, Tutankhamun.

Lost Beatrix Potter Children's Story Uncovered at Discovery
“The Tale of Kitty-In-Boots”, a story about a black cat that leads a double life by the children’s author Beatrix Potter will be published in September, Penguin Random House announced Tuesday.

Meaning, they predate the Bible and Greek Myths y'all. Statistical ties between a set of folktales and languages from parts of Europe and Asia have helped researchers date the origins of some stories to thousands of years ago.

USF Anthropologist Dr. Erin Kimmerle has released her final report for the archeological work and excavation at the former Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys in Marianna, Fla., a project she and her team have been working on since 2012.

According to preliminary results, thermal “points of interest” were observed on the northern facade of the Great Pyramid at Giza, known as Khufu or Cheops, and on the west face of Red pyramid in Dahshur.

'Churchill Solitaire' is based on British Prime Minister Winston Churchill's version of the card game, which uses two decks of cards rather than the traditional one and ten columns rather than the original seven.

Even nomadic hunter-gatherers engaged in deliberate mass killings 10,000 years ago. They are the victims of the earliest scientifically dated evidence for human group conflict—a precursor to what we now know as war.

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