Wednesday, October 19, 2016

King Arthur Pendragon has a Reverb Nation and it's Everything I Expected

I first came across self proclaimed King Arthur Uther Pendragon a few years ago while reading about English Heritage's upcoming Stonehenge education plans. He...intrigued me. I devoured his whack autobiography. I framed a picture of him in his Druid robes. While wielding a sword. And a staff. While on a motorcycle. There's also a jack russell. 

Arthur is a Neo-Druid, a religion that promotes harmony, worship of nature, and respect for all things. Arthur has made the preservation of his ancient British ancestors in the ground around Stonehenge his life work. For decades, Arthur has pleaded with English Heritage to leave the skeletons undisturbed. English Heritage plans to unearth the bones and put them on display for visitors to ogle over. Arthur raises a very interesting question: Where do we draw the line between using artifacts for education purposes and our moral obligations? We haven't yet. I love Arthur for this.

Arthur is the gift who keeps giving. And this time, it's with Reverb Nation, an online platform for musicians to upload their music and connect with other artists. 

Arthur's Reverb Nation page includes videos of his recent protests at Stonehenge, advocating for "no pay to pray," and a few music uploads: 'King Arthur the Immortal' which is composed of out-of-sync Life Aquatic-style beats and repeating the words "truth, fire, justice" (I think? I can't be sure). This song was most definitely recorded through the 'echo' setting. It is disturbing. Then we have 'The King's Speech', literally. Arthur gives a rather cohesive speech about exonerating his ancestor's bones as music plays in the background. What I'm saying is, his Reverb Nation account is every bit King Arthur Pendragon. Passionate and like, a little fucked up.

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