Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Letter to the Right

No matter what he said. No matter what he did. You stood by him. Nothing he said was a deal breaker for you. How privileged you must be if his words and actions did not directly affect you. If nothing he did prevented you from saying 'enough.' I have heard no articulated response as to why someone supported this man. I don't think I ever will.

America is just as racist and sexist as it was a week ago. A month ago. A year ago. I know this. Like many, I didn't realize to what extent. I thought you were mostly ignorant, not bigoted. Over the last year, as his shit continued to be laid out on the table, I was certain you would reject him. You didn't. But I have had enough. I have had enough because your ignorance didn't show this week, your complacency did. I can only forgive one of these things.

Why do you feel threatened, white suburbia? No one is threatening you. No one wants to eat at your Applebees. I do not want what you have. I have loved every second of the five years I have spent away from you.

I believe in social justice, so it's no surprise that I have liberal leanings. I believe in equal rights. I reject racism. I have always known I would never take a husband's last name. I have always known my future children will not solely have my husband's last name. I have always believed a woman has a right to make decisions regarding her body. I continue to grow. In the few places I have lived across the country and since leaving white suburbia, I have seen community. I have seen diversity. I have seen inclusiveness. I will not go back. We have not had the same experiences, so do not think you know better than I. One thing you are likely to have more is love for America. I do not love this country. I love our ideals, but they are words blowing in the wind. They are not reality. And you denounce people of color kneeling during the National Anthem? You have repeatedly shown that you do not value the men kneeling. Yet you want them to value you? I believed we were coming closer to inclusiveness. A majority of us still do. A majority of us voted against him. I find solace in this.

I came across something on the internet that continues to confirm my 'ignorance' claim, as mentioned above. A 'right' response to the ongoing protests: "Protests only work if human rights have been violated. Protesting for not getting your way is just crying." Human rights is whats on the chopping block. It is only a matter of time before they are violated even more. Are you still that uninformed as to what your president elect has said? For what he advocated? For what he denounced? If you have read this far you are probably only grasping that I am bitter because my candidate didn't win. But please understand, my main goal is to point out that you lack empathy. Something that I am now aware, you can not begin to comprehend. Normally, here I would say 'wake up'. But it's over. In which case I will only say 'fuck you'. So, fuck you.

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