Sunday, November 6, 2016

History from the Interweb #78

History from the Interweb is a round-up of brand spankin' new history articles, selected by yours truly. Click on the link to be directed to the home site where you can read a professional being professional in their entirety.

I'm aware that I may be romanticizing this, but in 2004 I witnessed firsthand what winning a World Series can mean to a person (DAD). I know it's cliche to say "it's more than a championship, it's yada yada yada" but I get it. Something so simple can force you to reflect on an entire life - yours, and past generations. It's connecting you to a history that you may not have directly been a part of, but it is you. "One and the same" etc etc. Kind of like a woman becoming president maybe..¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This Tuesday, millions of American women will do something they have never had the chance to do before - vote for a woman nominated as a major party's candidate to become president of the United States. For some of them, it ends a 96-year wait.

The public is being encouraged to help map Britain’s historic obsession with the paranormal by searching for ancient scratchings in old buildings, used as charms against witchcraft and evil spirits.

Skeleton May Help Solve Amelia Earhart Mystery at History
This most recent discovery actually dates back much further, to partial human remains discovered on Nikumaroro (then known as Gardner Island) in 1940.

A New Vladimir Overlooking Moscow at NY Times
With President Putin of Russia relying on resurgent nationalism as the bedrock of his government, on Friday he inaugurated what many consider to be a symbol of that policy: a colossal, much-debated statue of St. Vladimir, the patron saint of the Russian Orthodox Church, who, of course, shares the president's name.

DNA From Mystery Human Species Detected in Pacific Islanders at Seeker
Melanesians carry genetic clues for the existence of an unknown archaic human, new DNA data indicates.

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